About Us


The SOLONSEO brand is part of the innovative projects by SOLONCOMPANY.

Soloncompany is a brand-new look into the future that generates fresh ideas and implements innovative projects!

Over 13 years, we have gained tremendous experience in local and international promotion. Our projects involved various fields of business, such as startups, fintech, crowdfunding, construction, automotive, educational, and legal services, IT, beauty and health, leisure and recreation, etc.



Any new niche is an exciting opportunity for our marketers to study it intensely and with great interest.

The most important thing is to find your customers, understand what they are interested in, what drives them to your products and services, and where we can find them. To accomplish these goals, we conduct a thorough analysis of your website, competitors’ sites, and the market as a whole.

Attention to Detail

Our team is always available, and you can reach out to us in through all major messenger systems and social network platforms. This is done in order to offer you the most convenient ways of communication.

We take into account our clients’ preferences. We diligently devote time to taking care of every detail throughout the entire cooperative project.


We value our customers’ time, so all projects are completed without delays, just as agreed. We use automated project planning systems that help us complete each project stage on time. 

International SEO

International website promotion is one of our main priorities. 

This market has a completely different consumer base.

We promote both multilingual website versions and projects that are focused only on one country; for example, a European country. 

There are several factors that make our projects some of the most difficult, complex ones on the market. We consider different mentalities and perceptions of advertising by international audiences. Our team consistently accomplishes such tasks successfully. Our staff also includes translators – native speakers in 15 languages, writers and bloggers all over the world, international online marketers, and SEO specialists.

Eco Responsibility

Our company stands for environmental protection. We support separating our waste for recycling.


Each of our employees knows how to separate plastic from other materials correctly and how to dispose of it. We do everything we can to contribute to a better future – with clean water, fresh air, and natural and organic products!

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